Dr. Kari Cobb
Healing Point Acupuncture, LLC


Welcome to your new healing home!

Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to help with all sort of health concerns. I have treated thousands of patients over the last twenty years, helping with many issues.

I am now offering acupuncture services in the Germantown area. I've been in Fond du Lac for the last ten years. I will now split my time between the two cities. My first ten years in practice was in Hawaii.  I would be happy to help you on your healing journey. Give it a try!

To book an appointment with me online, there is a booking link at the top of the page, which will lead you to a Schedulicity link.  From there, find an available day and time slot. 

If the Fond du Lac location is easier for you, go to fonddulacacupuncture.com and book through that website. Let your friends and family know!

In health and happiness, 

Dr. Kari Cobb, DACM, Dipl. OM, CAc

Healing Point Acupuncture, LLC   920-602-7915